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    How to wear men's espadrilles?

    How to wear your espadrilles for a casual look on vacation? In the heat of the sun, we tend to wear light and comfortable shoes. Men's espadril...

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    Espadrille et développement durable : le choix éco responsable

     Basket, sandales, tongs, espadrilles ou encore mules, choisir une paire de chaussures l’été n’est vraiment pas évident ! En pleine canicule, les c...
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    The espadrille in town

    In recent years, the espadrille has become popular, becoming an essential shoe during the summer, allowing city dwellers to adopt a chic-casual look while remaining comfortable and stylish. Espadrilles, of rather popular origin, often considered as beach shoes, have managed to find their place in the heart of the Parisian streets by replacing classic sandals. The democratization of the espadrille in the city is a fashion that is spreading more and more, offering city dwellers a wide choice of distinguished, comfortable and all-purpose shoes to perfect their look.

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    The origin of the espadrille

    Today considered an essential fashion accessory, the espadrille is a canvas shoe that we find on our feet as soon as the temperatures warm up. Popularized for its comfortable and casual side, the espadrille can now be found in every wardrobe. However, do you know its origins and history?
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    Colorama collection, we’ll tell you more!

    This new spring-summer collection, which is colorful, ultra-comfortable and durable, perfectly represents the audacity and conviviality of Angarde! Want to go further into the workings of this collection? Alexandre, the co-founder of Angarde tells you...
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    How to wear women's espadrilles?

    Women's espadrilles prove to be an ideal accessory for many trendy styles, whether you are looking to create a glamorous, chic or casual look. Heeled or flat, in canvas or leather, colored or patterned, a large number of choices are available to you to be fashionable in espadrilles.
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    When to wear espadrilles?

    The espadrille is a perfect fashion accessory for summer, found in many colors and different models, with flat, wedge or heeled soles.

    This pair of sandals, famous for its comfort and lightness, adapts to all looks and is suitable for all occasions, whether for a simple outing for a coffee with friends or a social evening.

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