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    10 reasons to wear slippers at home

    Comfort: what's more comfortable than a slipper? We know that the objective of a pair of slippers is to be as comfortable as possible! With a ...

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    What is the warmest material for winter?

    When we're cold, we all throw ourselves on a sweater made of wool, but do you know why this material is so warm? Is it the material that holds the most?
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    Which slippers to choose so as not to sweat?

    To keep our feet warm, we tend to opt for comfortable slippers. However, sometimes our slippers cause feet to sweat which can be uncomfortable, transmit bad odors and even encourage the development of bacteria. So, which slipper to choose so as not to sweat and stay pleasant and comfortable at home? Whatever the season, sweaty feet are always unpleasant. When you sweat, the sweat remains trapped in the shoes and causes all sorts of inconveniences for the wearer.

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    Which shoe to choose for nursery school?

    Back to school is fast approaching, and it's time to prepare your child for this new stage in their life. Among the many school items to buy, your baby will need shoes, and not just any shoes: slippers. There are several types, ranging from charentaise to ballerinas, including sock slippers. For babies, it is always advisable to choose shoes that perfectly support your child's foot at an age when they are taking their first steps.
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    What is the difference between a slipper and a slipper?

    When we're looking to relax at home, it's common to slip on a pair of slippers or slippers to keep our feet warm and comfortable. Although these two terms are often used to describe the same pair of shoes, they are actually different.
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    Which slipper for the house?

    Whether you're a man or a woman, when the temperatures cool down, we all like to put on a pair of warm and comfortable slippers for our feet. But know that a pair of slippers can also be worn in summer to be comfortable and comfortable at home.

    So, slippers, mules, charentaises… how to choose your perfect slipper?

    Among all the models of slippers, it is essential to choose a pair in which you will feel comfortable and which will please you aesthetically. Don't worry, there is something for all tastes and styles: here are some tips to help you choose your men's or women's slippers.

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    Tout savoir sur la laine, une matière naturelle

    Tout savoir sur la laine, une matière naturelle Au moment de créer chaque nouvelle collection de chaussons et de mules d’hiver, il est impératif d...
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    What size should you take for a slipper?

    Choosing the shape, color and model of your slipper is essential! However, this is not enough to fully enjoy the comfort and well-being that your slippers provide you. It is important that your pair fits your foot correctly.

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